Two Faces – Ageing

Through this project I am looking into advertising and how they have created bad connotations towards ageing and elderly.

Speed Edit

Over the next few months I will be producing series of images for my Fianl Major project that will be exhibited in London this summer.


Really need your help

Hey guys, some of you might be aware that I am doing my Final Year of BA Photography and one of the requirements to finish this years is to raise £7000 for our exhibition in London. The ones that dind’t – well now you know…. So.. Over the last year we have had some ups and downs with our foundraising, yet we haven’t given up just yet.

If I could ask for you to spare two minutes and seventeen secounds watching our Crowdfunder video and maybe then pledging some pennies of yours towards our goal, we will make sure you receive some wonerful gifts. Thank you for your time.

Improving My Editing Skills


One of my Staff Portrait Photographs from the shoot I did for Plymouth College of Art. (apparently the lanyard was annoying my client so I had to edit it out) There you go, 1.5h later I have this result.

It’s Been A While






It has been a while since my last post. (I am sorry about that)

So for the past few months I have been busy with my Uni work, working with clients for fashion, sport and retouching work. So here you go, few photos of my recent work.

Design by Bairdy ( )


Stolen Childhood

“Stolen Childhood”

Is a series of images that represent physical and emotional abuse towards children. The themes of this project were achieved through the use of digital manipulation and self portraiture. The images were based on my current “Visual Trend” project where I am looking at topical issues in the United Kingdom.