Visiting Lecturer

Light is an adventure / Tracy Elliott /

Tracy Elliott-Reep

“Tracey grew up on a farm in South West England where she now has her base producing cards, calendars and books. After completing art college she worked and sketched the animals in a travelling circus and then travelled through Europe and North America, teaching horse riding before qualifying as a photographer in South Wales. For five years she worked as a freelance photojournalist for magazines, during which time she interviewed Royalty at Buckingham Palace, and she rode the length of New Zealand.

She started her card business twenty years ago with six local Dartmoor postcards while living in a caravan with her dog. Her faith and her love of horses, adventure and photography has given her opportunities to travel to many places including Africa, Tibet, Israel and Russia. Tracey has ridden horses from the top of Scotland to Lands End, around Southern Ireland and Wales recently across North America. She has documented these adventures in three beautiful photographic books. The first was the original New Zealand book, followed by the Ireland story on her Highland ponies. Riding by Faith Across America is about Tracey’s exciting journey riding her two Quarter horses from Mexico to Canada. Her latest release is a new edition of the New Zealand book, which included and additional ride on her Palomino horses. She completed her latest adventure through Southern Europe with her two little Greek horses last November and this book is now available.” / /

When I had my lecture with Tracey Elliott-Reep the very first things I noticed about her was that she is very positive and likable person.

During the lecture she discussed her career from very beginning, as she started of with a caravan and a dog to her side, with limited money (or as she said – non at all). She was and still is very open minded about opportunities and she will always use them, as she did when she decided to rid her horses through USA. “On the 11th of April Tracey launched another Ride of Faith as she splashed through the Rio Grande River, that marks the border of Mexico and the United States and rides north through Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming and Montana to Canada.”

As she started to talk about her experiences with riding horses around the world, for me it seemed unbelievable. I couldn’t imagine how she could connect her work with such a hobby as she has developed. And then I remembered, “doing what you like is freedom liking what you do is happiness” or another way of saying this is, “if you do something you love you never work a day in your life”.

She was a true inspiration with the way she described her ups and downs, even in the hardest moments she had her passion for photography, horses and traveling.

 She taught me one thing: “if you wait for perfect conditions, you will never going to get it done”


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