My – Timeline

* 2005 – First camera ( Nikon D40x )
* 2007 – New Mac Book
* 2008 – Bought myself snowboard
* 2009 – SB900 Flash gun, tripod and new 50mm prime lens
* 2012 – New Nikon D300s


Time Lines

As much as I would like to say it is a FUN thing to talk about (yourself and your time line) –  it isn’t. Not because it goes into technical details, and pointing out the most important moments of your life, but because it can bring back memories that you have pushed away at the very back of your brain and labeled it with sticker that say – DO NOT OPEN – there is nothing in there for you, but it might question you – where do I go, what should I do from now on?

I did my task on Time Line for contextual studies to ask myself questions such as – Who am I? and What is my context? – I didn’t write a paragraph about it, as I am not very good with expressing myself, but I did draw a time line that showed my life from very beginning till the moment I applied for Commercial Photography at College of Art.

While I was going trough a pile of papers, family albums, note pads and, obviously, a diaries that reminded me that I have had crushes and love storied to tell, it brought back things that I have forgotten about but I shouldn’t had… They where the things that thought me and build to future…


I lined it all up, with far too many attempts, and I can say for sure that everything from very beginning, doing my art classes at Latvia, getting my first DSLR, parent divorce, moving to different city, moving back, flying to United Kingdom to apply for Art course, everything, and I mean, everything has the same importance in my life as my date of birth. These decisions that have been made, has lead me to where I am now and where I am going to progress to.

I watch Twilight Saga: Eclipse, 50:14 and what they brought across made me think: “When we were 5, they asked us what we wanted to be when we grow up? Our answers were things like: astronaut, president, or in my case a princess. When we were ten they asked us again. We answered: rock star, cowboy, or in my case gold medalist. But now when we have grown up they want a serious answer… Well how about this, who the hell knows?

This isn’t the time to make hard and fast decisions, this is the time to make mistakes, take the wrong train and stuck somewhere, fall in love – a lot, majoring in philosophy, because there is no way to make a career out of that, change your mind and change it again, because nothing is permanent. So make as many mistakes as you can that way some day when they ask you what we want to be, we won’t have to guess, we will know.” – These mistakes she is talking about draws the points in our time line, they might be the best moments or not as good moments of our life, but they are reasonably equal in our life.


– Still making mistakes –



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