Tony Cobley Photography

Tony Cobley

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  • Tony Cobley studied at Plymouth College of Art from 2005 – 2008.
  • He was running business alongside to BA, worked with college to improve his work experience and build up his portfolio.
  • Tony Cobley is based around Plymouth. He practices in commercial/marketing photography.
  • 70% of his work is commercial and the rest 30% is domestic/personal photography.

Tony Cobley, Pub Interior Photography
South Devon

Tony Cobley is a person with a wide range of interests. He started his BA year within interest in documentary photography. His path has changed ever since to practices in commercial and marketing to provide him self a living, as he is based around Plymouth he finds that working just with one sort of genre in photography isn’t enough. So he is capturing high quality and creative professional images for businesses, industry, local authorities, educational institutions, leisure & tourism partnerships and individuals.

He still manages to keep up with his personal work and hobbies. As he mentioned it is important to include your personal work in website/blog, as the potential client could find it interesting.

One of the main things he mentioned to students was – sort out your work experience while you are studying, even if it is for free you can always learn and make mistakes.


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