British Journal of Photography

 British Journal of Photography

The world’s longest-running photography magazine.

  • Who is this publication for?

Although this journal talks about professional photography it can be related to everyone who is interested in photography and is looking for good inspiration. The journal contains fine art based articles and high-end equipment introductions.

  • Why do you think this publication is important?

The magazine is always up to date so it is reliable information source to keep up with what happens in industry. It contains information such as workshops, from digital retouching to interesting camera techniques.

  • Why did you choose this?

It is high-end magazine with professional look to it. It is hard not to pick it up and have a look at it. It is also a longest running photography magazine, published in 1854.

  •  Did you find anything useful/inspirational within it?

They always include newest equipment with good range of information, to make sure you get the best for your needs. For me this magazine is for researching photographer portfolios, who may come from different countries/cultures and exploring the best deals for equipment.

Useful magazines/journals: 

  • Hotshoe ( )
  • Freelance photographer ( wedding/commercial photograpy )
  • ID Magazine
  • Photography Montly
  • Silver Shotz

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