Andrey Ivanov

 Andrey Ivanov


Who: Andrey Ivanov

When: 27th November 2012

How: e-mail interview

Fashion Photographer Based in Nikolaev, Ukraine

1. Why did you choose photography as your profession?

Actually I have a psychological education. I didn’t choose! It happened accidentally almost three years ago when the obsession of making pictures took control on me 

2. Who has influenced you the most in terms of photography?

Some great portrait photographers impressed me most of all such as Richard Avedon, Helmut Newton, Annie Leibovitz and Paolo Roversi. I also like that dramatic dark mood in Sally Mann’s and Gregory Crewdson’s works. And of course Guy Bourdin is driving me nuts!

3. What specific way did you use to get your first clients?

Today it is not as hard as it seems! Social networks are best way to advertise yourself if you have what to advertise!

4. What are your tools of the trade?

My works themselves. If you do your job good and each time you do it better and better – you’ll never be unemployed! Let people see your work, criticize, make their opinion and hire you or hire someone else.

5. What is your number one fear or frustration when comes to working as a photographer?

Disappointing people you’re working with.

6. What is your favorite style of photography? Why?

Everything connected with fashion photography. The fashion photography is flexible and expressive. It’s all about people and their obsessions and it gives you opportunity to emphasize beauty in that strange and original way even if it doesn’t look beautiful for most of people! Fashion photography is the best way to make someone look different and give the self-expression in that.

7. Could you please describe your creative process from the idea to the final result?

It’s hard to describe, because there is no specific algorithm for this. If you want to create something you shoot just do it no matter will it be exciting or disappointing!

8. What is your best tip to taking a striking portrait?

You’d better ask someone who does that striking portraits 

9. What is your favorite shot you have taken and why?

There are pictures that I like, a lot of them and I can’t pick out the only one. I always wonder what will be next, the next photo I’ll make I hope will be the best.

10. Do you think it is hard to be original? How do you keep your ideas fresh?

I always try something new )) New lenses, new subjects, new people I’m working with…

11. Could you list a particular advantage of being a photographer? A particular disadvantage?

The advantage is in meeting and working with new people, creating something that makes you proud. Everything else is disadvantage. The expensive equipment, software and low prices for your work – this is disadvantage!

12. Are there any current problems faced by most photographers? Do you have any specific advice for someone interested in this field?

Unskillful and incompetent people with cameras are the biggest problem.

13. Could you please list the highlights of your career? Satisfactions?

I don’t think my career has already started!

14. Where do you hope to go with your photography?

I don’t know… Time will show! 
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