Vanessa Miles

Vanessa Miles

“I have a degree in photography and twenty years experience as a photographer and also a wealth of experience in the photography business. I have had work published in most national newspapers and many national magazines. I have worked as a stills photographer in film and TV I have been a picture editor at three major picture libraries in London and also as a picture researcher for major UK publishers. I have a long history photographing environmental issues, having set up Britain’s first picture library specialising in environmental issues and worked for Greenpeace.” / /

Vanessa Miles introduced us with picture libraries. Showed the pricing and leasing and how the system works. Just before her lecture I never assumed that I would like to se myself doing something else apart from being a photographer. She opened a discussion about different career paths in photography.

Jobs within the industry:

  • Photographer
  • Picture Researcher
  • Picture Editor
  • Web designer
  • IT operations
  • Database developer
  • Cataloguers
  • Account executives

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