Memory and Memorial

Memory and Memorial

” We are only what we remembering being” / John Locke /

Memory and Memorials are a lot a like. Memory is in our heads and our hearts, when memorials are right in front of us to make us remember.

Public memorials and monuments attract millions of visitors each year and, it is common to find memorials honoring fallen soldiers or significant event in the community’s history.

When it comes to understand the image it is important where you come from. The images are about the meaning behind them and with out our own memory they may not mean the same things as for others.

During the “Memory and Memorial” lecture I understood that connotation is important thing to produce successful image.

Poppies growing on the Somme batlefield near Thiepval in France

Poppies growing on the Somme batlefield near Thiepval in France

‘In Flanders field the poppies blow

Between the crosses, row on row,

That mark our place; and in the sky

The larks, still bravely singing, fly

Scarce heard amid the guns below’

/ Written by Canadian Lt-Colonel John McCrae whilst he was on active service at Ypres, Belgiu,, 1915. /

The poppy has come to symbolise those battlefields of France and Belgium during that conflict and is still worn today as a mark of remembrance.

 People associated things/props depending on the situation they have grown up in. As I have lived in UK, for few years I know the meaning of poppy and how important it is to people who live here, but if I would bring this image across to my grandmother who has never experienced such a thing, she would have completely different meaning for it.




  1. It’s so interesting what you say here. Poppies mean something to me on a personal level (own memories, nostalgia, esthetics, its structure, etc), but having grown up in Sweden, I don’t have this historical connection that you describe here, linked to the WWI. It doesn’t matter, so much. The beautiful thing is that this flower has come to carry a collective memory, for generations. That’s pretty powerful. A beautiful post!

    • Hey, I am glad your enjoying my blog and my little posts. I will keep up to date with new stuff once or twice a week, so I hope you will like what I come up with..

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