AOP – Simon R. Leach

Simon R. Leach /


Simon R. Leach is a leading photographer offering a bespoke service devoted to creating beautiful and effective images. Simon’s diverse, compelling portfolio displays the breadth of his experience and his varied client base. 
His work displays a passion for photographic image, and an appreciation of light and form are integral to his visual style. Experienced in digital and film technology, Simon’s work primarily now lies in the field of advertising and design photography.

Simon R. Leach is a member of AOP.




AOP – Association of Photography

( protect the rights of photographer )

We are a membership based organisation comprised of Professional Photographers, Agents, Assistants and Students as well as Affiliated Colleges and Affiliated Companies.

Our Mission Statement is: “To promote and protect the worth and standing of our members, to vigorously defend, educate and lobby for the interests and rights of all photographers in the photographic profession.”


Categories of membership:

Photographer: Professional Photographers

Assistant: Full or freelance photographer’s assistants.

Student: Those studying photographic courses (BTEC or higher)

Agent: Photographers’ Agents

Affiliated Company: Specialists and providers, who support the Association

Affiliated College/University: Specific approved photographic courses

Friend: Anyone who wishes to support the AOP

Reasons to Join:

Raise Your Profile

Become recognised by those that commission photography. Achieve recognition from your peers. Achieve recognition from the industry. Associate with those who share your values and be seen as part of that community.

The Association of Photographers has the knowledge and experience to make sure your best interests are protected.


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