Taste, Value and Judgement

“Taste, Value and Judgement”

  • In sociologytaste is an individual’s personal and cultural patterns of choice and preference. Taste is about drawing distinctions between things such as styles, manners, consumer goods and works of art. Social inquiry of taste is about the human ability to judge what is beautiful, good and proper.
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taste_(sociology) /


Taste – Looking back at things that lasted for so long, as my mum’s teddy bear, she had when she was five and I still was able to have it next to me during the night, now things don’t last. And is it because of us, does our children play with the toys differently, or is it because the market has been made into life cycle, where you buy, play, bin and buy again?!

There are things that I would pay a lot of money for and then there are things I just don’t get it!

In matter of fact – the Barbie that have been created 1999 and now cost £50 000 00 (more then our houses)!!!

Or Ipad 2 Gold History Edition, which cost £5, 000 000.00 (would you even take it out of your house, not to mention your safe?)



Value –  Price often observably alters with supply and demand, scarcity, therefore Economists have come to define the subject by it: “choices between alternative uses of scarce resources”

So air is not scarce and therefore has no price and can be quickly dropped from economic consideration. Although as a basic need it clearly has intrinsic value to us.

Even the most perfect reproduction of a work of art is lacking in one element: its presence in time and space, its unique existence at the place where it happens to be. This unique existence of the work of art determined the history to which it was subject throughout the time of its existence.

I think that this applies to any kind of artwork or personal belonging that is special to the world or just us.

Either if it is a painting of Mona Lisa or picture of your family being all together by Christmas table, they have value, Mona Lisa – will have a actual price in the market, were your family portrait will have the value in your heart and your time line.




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