Long Time

It has been a while since I updated my blog… Apologies to anyone who has waited for new photos and slightly entertaining notes ( I am away on holiday, or I should say I am working hard while I am away from UNI )

So, so far I haven’t been good and my camera has sat at corner of my room (sad times), but TODAY was THE day, when I got out and took my brother with me and did some under water shots ( after all I had to test my sooo brand NEW GoPro3, happy days )

I have just one image, or maybe two, that I am pleased of. The other ones were just for a test, as you do.


What else – oh yes, I got myself a new lens ( 105mm, f2.8 Macro ) lovely, my man loves it!!!! Still I haven’t had any decent time off to explore the world with this new shiny toy, so I have just a test run (please bare with me)




As far as my photography stuff – You will get some decent images when I am back at UNI, as for now that’s it for a little while.

Enjoy the summer, we are having some lovely weather. 😀


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