Two Faces – Ageing

Through this project I am looking into advertising and how they have created bad connotations towards ageing and elderly.

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Over the next few months I will be producing series of images for my Fianl Major project that will be exhibited in London this summer.


Landscape Photography ( Jono Renton )

Jono Renton



Born in Nottingham, England in 1990, Jono Renton has been studying photography by himself for the past 8 years and has won numerous British and International photography awards, mostly notably for his series of landscape photos and street portraits.
Since an early teenager he has been producing high quality landscape photos on an old 35mm film camera and continues the quality at an even higher level using traditional film techniques with digital and medium format.

Jono has recently recieved a first class (BA) honours degree in photography and has exhibited throughout Nottingham and London.

My main influence came from Jono Renton, his work provides great quality and thorough planning. As he mentioned in his interview, he started his journey in this field with using film camera, which thought him that planning his shot and visualizing the outcome is essential.

His panoramic images shows the atmosphere of the location and defiantly sales the place to anyone who has seen his work.

As for me, the milky water and isolated colors are the important part in his work. Mostly photographers capture “beautiful” landscapes with the thought to sale. But Jono, has his own style which is more of a Fine Art, introducing the viewer to the scale, space and place, with out the thought of selling it.


Canon and Mamiya cameras and lenses. Lee Filters. Gitzo Tripods. Canon Remotes.


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