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It’s Been A While






It has been a while since my last post. (I am sorry about that)

So for the past few months I have been busy with my Uni work, working with clients for fashion, sport and retouching work. So here you go, few photos of my recent work.

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Alex Kolodyazhni

Alex Kolodyazhni /

Who: Alex Kolodyazhni

When: 24th November

How: e-mail interview

Why did you choose photography as your profession?


It’s not a profession for me. I don’t call it that. I’ve always loved taking pictures and also I love female body, so I’ve just mixed it to one big thing that you call photography.


2. Who has influenced you the most in terms of photography?


A lot of great photographers. I don’t want to tell you the names, its not really important. Every beginner has his own favorites. Then he tries to copy (this is a bad idea by the way) the style and nothing happens. He’s not popular, not famous etc. And only when you’ve created something really special, and you like what you see on the screen – this is your goal.


3. What specific way did you use to get your first clients?


The first person I was shooting was my friend. Her friends liked it, I’ve took some pictures of them and then I’ve began to search for models. It was hard, and it is hard now. Searching is always hard, you know.


4. What are your tools of the trade?


There are no tools. I just talk to people and we discuss all the questions we have.


5. What is your number one fear or frustration when comes to working as a photographer?


Zero, I think. When I was a beginner and met my first clients I had no fear. That was not a fear; it was just something new to me. I’ve understood that every person is just a person. No matter, who it is. We’re all people. Simple as that.


6. What is your favorite style of photography? Why?


Now I’m shooting “Casual” (that’s how I call my style). Why? Because I love how it looks. And I love to feel the environment and the mood. I don’t really like studio shootings. It’s not natural, you know.


7. Could you please describe your creative process from the idea to the final result?


It’s hard to explain. My brain has some ideas and I just doing them sometimes.


8. What is your best tip to taking a striking portrait?


Just talk to person. Let her feel herself free. That’s a talent I think


9. What is your favorite shot you have taken and why?


I’ve hated all my shots till 2012. I really did. And right now I see that I like what I’m doing. Before that – searching of myself as a photographer, 5 years or something. Can you believe that?


10. Do you think it is hard to be original? How do you keep your ideas fresh?


Hard to find this original style. It’s not hard to be original, it’s kind of fun! How do I keep my idea fresh…that’s a hard one. I’m taking breaks. One or two weeks between the shootings. All this time I’m thinking about a new model, new environment, new poses, new look. And then I just do all that.


 11. Could you list a particular advantage of being a photographer? A particular disadvantage?


Being a photographer is an honor. It’s so cool to hear when girls tell you, that your pictures turn them on! When you answer all this questions and interviews… isn’t that great?

Disadvantage? The only thing that is hard – finding yourself. That’s the hardest thing in photography. Also – rivalry. It’s so damn hard to push yourself through!


12. Are there any current problems faced by most photographers? Do you have any specific advice for someone interested in this field?


Sure there are problems! Don’t give up! Just work and work and work on your mistakes.


13. Could you please list the highlights of your career? Satisfactions?


No, I can’t. I’m not good at that. I am just a photographer and that’s it)


14. Where do you hope to go with your photography?


 I want to become a worldwide known photographer who does damn good-looking pictures! No stop till then.