Yeeew, got new Business Cards




It’s Been A While






It has been a while since my last post. (I am sorry about that)

So for the past few months I have been busy with my Uni work, working with clients for fashion, sport and retouching work. So here you go, few photos of my recent work.

Design by Bairdy ( )


Stolen Childhood

“Stolen Childhood”

Is a series of images that represent physical and emotional abuse towards children. The themes of this project were achieved through the use of digital manipulation and self portraiture. The images were based on my current “Visual Trend” project where I am looking at topical issues in the United Kingdom.

Went for a DIP

Went for a dip @Pembroke beach, Guernsey. Used my Hero3 Black

Went for a dip @Pembroke beach, Guernsey.
Used my Hero3 Black


So here I am, being excited about my GoPro Hero3 and sharing my best picture of the week with you lot. I am still back at Guernsey, diving and practising my skill at underwater photography. Soon I will be back at Uni and off to do my diving course at Plymouth. But so far – picture of the week and I will be in touch 🙂